Hello and welcome to my personal blog*. My name is Vu Van


I have a passion for sales, training & productivity.  I design, develop and implement effective sales training, learning, coaching & on-boarding programs that delivers results!

I am passionate about enabling entrepreneurs and start-ups to achieve extraordinary results. I provide strategic consulting and deliver systematic, “off the shelf” or customized solutions that supports business goals through sales training, facilitation and coaching.

My approach with every engagement is focused on each individual’s or team’s unique sales skills and development, with a clear focus on business growth.

My specialties include start to end strategic consulting on designing, developing and facilitating:

  • sales, customer success & account management training
  • product training
  • e-Learning / online learning programs
  • new customer training & on boarding
  • new hire on-boarding programs
  • new sales manager & leadership development programs
  • sales coaching development program
  • customer support training
  • Productivity programs –  Work smarter not harder to “Get More Accomplished”

For more information about my services please do contact me.


A little bit more about me:

I am a guy who loves life and I continually strive to be the best I can be and to be a better person with each passing day. I currently live in Northern California with my lovely wife, beautiful daughter and two dogs, but my heart is in Hawaii where I went to high school and completed my undergraduate.

For my professional background, I am a Senior Manager- Sales Enablement for a cutting edge digital health startup.  Previous to that I was the Worldwide Manager of Sales & Support Training for an exciting and leading productivity software start-up company.  My background also include experience as being a Regional Sales Manager for a Healthcare Medical Device & Software Technology company as well as other global medical technology companies, which gives me a spectrum of experiences in my chosen area of focus.


I always knew that I had a passion for sales and for helping others.  What I serendipitously learned was that my underlying true passion was specifically for training, coaching, consulting and program development.   I guess you can say that I am an accidental trainer and my early formal training experience came by being selected as a subject matter expert (SME) and providing trainings to colleagues which initially piqued my interest to focus on training.  As a sales professional, the most rewarding part of the sales cycle for me was the education phase, and helping my customers learn the products or services and how it might help solve their problems or reach their goals.  When I got promoted to sales management, I learned that the training and coaching my team was my favorite activity. So I decided to make the most logical decision to focus on what I enjoyed the most and started my own self discovery journey which lead me to learning how to train and teach others. My “formal” start began with my experience in teaching management, leadership and marketing at a local University. I am now fortunate to work for an amazing start-up company, which focuses on productivity.  I am now a global manager of training and absolutely loving what I do.


I was also in the United States Air Force for four years, proudly serving our country. My other passion is continuous learning and a personal goal was to obtain an MBA. I obtained my MBA from the University of Colorado with a specialization in Healthcare Management in 2011. I continue to learn everyday and believe that to provide value to others, is to stay cutting edge and on top of my chosen craft.

I enjoy the outdoors, running, addicted to snowboarding, surfing, traveling and I love to eat. Of course I love my family like crazy and now enjoy most of my free time watching my little girl grow and spending time with my lovely wife who supports my dreams and passions.

My goal is to work with smart entrepreneurs & business professionals to provide actionable, useful processes & resources to help them increase sales, get more clients, be more productive and learn effective ways to work smarter and not harder.

I enjoy sharing ideas with people and to learn from others as well. Whenever given the opportunity, I take the time to learn something from everyone and anyone I encounter. Each person has an interesting story inside of them. Most of all, I truly enjoy helping others find their unique selling style and to sell to their highest potential and to find the most productive way to work so that they can “Get More Accomplished”.

Thank you for visiting!





-Vu Van




*The opinions expressed on this blog are solely mines and does not reflect my employer in any way.