Having Integrity When Nobody is Looking

For my profession, sales, I am on my own day in and day out for most of my work week.  I don’t check in with my boss each day and I decide on how I spend my time and day.  There is a large amount of trust that is given to the outside sales person and because sales results are usually the measure that shows for the work of a salesperson, a person not working will show in their level of performance or level of customer relationships.

The life lesson I have gained by having this autonomy and for every job, we all have moments and times where we are not looked at by our boss or any watchful eye and are left to do our job.  The choices we make can be seen by our results or some may simply go unnoticed by anyone.  I have seen many people go through life taking the easy way out of everything and I have seen other collegues who abuse this autonomy and get away with it… or do they.

The single value of a professional person who is given the power of autonomy is the trust given by their boss and the company that is paying their paycheck every month.  It is simple to take the easy route and not deliver fully on our responsibilities, but in having integrity, it means doing the right thing when nobody is looking.

I usually ask myself, if what i do is public knowledge, would I be O.K. with it?  It is a gauge for me to check myself.  When corners could be cut to speed up tasks to simply get them done, versus putting time behind them and delivering quality work will be known by you and by allowing your level of quality to diminish, it will be seen and noticed eventually.  Many times, as people get away with little things, they push the limit to see just how far they can go and when that happens, their integrity is shot and they risk losing that privilege.

I value my integrity and the trust that is given to me, and do what is right even when nobody is looking.  You need to be the person who will hold yourself accountable the most and not depend on anyone else to be the person who needs to be your babysitter or quality control manager.  Strive to deliver the best and do the right thing even when nobody is looking and the quality of work will always shine through and your trust and integrity will never be under suspicion or doubt.  Once you lose trust or integrity, it is nearly impossible to get that back.

I also learned a lot about personal integrity and delivering quality work while in the Air Force as I was an airplane mechanic.  As a mechanic, I had autonomy as well to work on planes that will be flown by others  and I learned that the work I do can affect the lives of those who will use the plane so my level of work must be excellent each time and corners are not cut.

We each have our time in life where we are the only ones looking, and it is important to do the right thing even when nobody is looking.

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