How to Deal with Change in Our Lives

Change is and has been a constant in our lives since the moment we were born.  As we grow older, we seek to control the change that occurs around us and to feel the comfort that control and familiarity brings to our lives.  Change can and does happen in all areas of our lives such as career, love, likes, dislikes, friends, family, health, wealth, pretty much any area we can think of.  This post is not really an advice article on how to deal with the changes in our lives, but should serve as the reminders of how we have dealt with the many changes in our lives and how we have moved forward in our lives regardless of the changes.  We tend to forget that we are “experts” when it comes to change management, but when a significant change occurs, we do forget how to handle it, since it is uncomfortable to deal with the change, because we wish to keep our daily comfortable lives as they are, but in knowing that change will come with everything, will help us appreciate the current state of comfort and prepare each of us for the change that is likely to come.


We seek to control all areas of our lives and to control the outcomes of our lives.  When this comfort is disrupted with change, our minds are fille with anxiety and worry since we are unsure of the changes that change will bring.  We should take comfort that we have always dealt with the changes and our lives goes back to a level of comfort once we have controlled the situation to our liking.  Trouble comes when we yearn to have what was lost due to the changes, but many things in life is out of our control.  What we can control, is how we deal with the change from taking control of our minds and thinking.  It is easy to think negatively and think about the negative movie that plays in our head.  We sometimes overworry ourselves unnecessarily about events that haven’t even happened yet.  Worry brings stress and time wasted worrying about unnecessary things.  Focus on thinking positively and confident in your ability to deal with the change and that even if change is for the worse, everything is not permanent and change will come again.  Remember to control our thinking and our minds and not take the negative route.  When we are certain of the change that is front of us, then that is when we should use our minds to deal with it and to address what needs to be done due to the changes.


We usually don’t willingly welcome change, but at times, change can be for the better.  In my life, I can recall many times when change has brought fear in my life as it disrupted what I am used to but as time progressed, I was glad that the changes have occured.  At first it is uncomfortable, but we each see our way through it.  I would have to say that most of the time, change is made for the better but again, many things are out of our control and we have to stay strong and focus on what we can control.


One way to better deal with change is to embrace it rather than fighting it.  Change will happen and usually nothing we can do can or will change it.  Like water in a stream that passes a rock, nothing will be as it was seconds ago, once water has passed, the rock deteriorates a little, the water has changed and nothing is ever the same.  Life is the same way, as much as we think we have things under control and normal, change is occurring each day and second.  Embracing change will help us, deal with the changes because then, change is our comfort zone and in knowing that we can overcome the changes that come in our lives.  As I embrace change in all aspects of my life, I have felt much more confident in myself and my life as I know that I will work through each change and welcome the changes in my life.  Life does has its ups and downs and by embracing change we embrace life itself and enjoy the moments that make it beautiful and to work through the challenges.  The once change you can make yourself is to deal with change by embracing it versus pushing it away, look for it in everything in your life and see that the changes is our constant in our lives and that should bring us more comfort than trying to fix and control the unfix-able.


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