Why I Still Buy Printed Books

Personal innovation is about personal growth and I have learned a lot in life through books.  I have always loved reading and learning and continue to this day to enrich myself.  Before you go and start calling me old fashioned, I do own a Kindle Fire and buy my fair share of ebooks.  For learning and research, I prefer the printed book because it allows me to fully be active with the book and mark it up with notes, highlights and page tabs.  I find it much more accessible than an ebook as you can also add notes and bookmarks, but it is just not the same as the books that line my personal library.

My goal is to write informational non-fiction books and as I do research in a topic, I prefer to use the printed books versus ebooks as I can go between books and find quotes or nuggets of information to add to my writing.  Yes, I understand that you can have hundreds and thousands of books loaded on your ebook reader but think about this, you should really focus on one book at a time and focus on finishing it versus having hundreds at your fingertip.  We are already bombarded with distractions and overloaded with things to take up our time.  I find it much easier to focus on one book at a time and make it a point to finish it and mark the living hell out of it.

I am the guy on the plane that is still reading his book, while everyone else needs to power down.  This gives me more time to actually finish the book.  I also enjoy the feel of the actual book in my hand and it is much easier to lend a book to a family member or friend with a personal note inside.

I travel often for work, and I always look for a local Barnes & Nobles as they are one of the only major booksellers that still operate business at a physical location. I enjoy browsing the aisle looking for books and looking at the beautiful book covers and pick up random books to read the inside jackets.  I have found many books that I truly enjoyed this way.  It is easier to browse online, but the experience is quite different and a lot less social as I used to run into friends, meet new people and talk to strangers that are browsing in the same aisles.  Instead of reading an online review of a book, I ask actual people at the bookstore and have been given great recommendations.

The magazine aisle is also another joy of mines as I make my way there and grab a handful and make my way to the coffee shop that is usually tucked away in the corner.  I order my tea and skim the pages and sometimes buy a few magazines here or there.  I have not moved to online magazines but I am saddened by losing the local Borders book store as my hang out with my wife had been torn down and in its place a mega store selling cheap shoes stands in its place.  The community will have better looking feet, but the level of literacy will be the one that suffers.

Yeah, call me old fashion, but the printed book and physical bookstores works for me.  I buy my books from Barnes & Nobles as well as any independent bookstores, so that my money help support these stores to keep their doors open.  I hope when I write my first book, it will be on the shelf of Barnes & Nobles and not just be an instant download.  I just wanted to share this post as a reminder to not forget the joys of the printed book.

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